Prince Valiant Prince Valiant detail Prince Valiant detail

Prince Valiant

Artist: Ruben Procopio, Masked Avenger Studios

  • Edition Size: 250
  • Unsigned Price: $160.00
  • Signed Price:$175.00
  • US Shipping:$20.00
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Electric Tiki's Classic Heroes collection is proud to welcome Prince Valiant, who has brought rousing tales of adventure and heroism from the era of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table into modern times ever since he was created by Hal Foster in 1937. The Nordic prince is not only breathtakingly handsome, but brave and heroic, insisting that honor and integrity overtake injustice and evil in the world. This statue captures a thrilling moment where our fearless knight in shining armor races up a staircase, shield in hand, sword drawn, flowing red cape billowing out behind him, to save, perhaps, a damsel in distress!

Designed and sculpted by Rubén Procopio in a 3D authentic design based on Hal Foster's original drawings as though the Prince is leaping off the page, this meticulously hand painted high quality polystone statue stands approximately 10" tall at 1:6 scale and features a detailed stone base with logo plaque. With a very limited edition size of 250 individually numbered statues, you'll appreciate its perfect recreation of this timeless character. Color box with quote from Hollywood icon Gary Owens. Statue painted and ready for display. Add yours to your Classic Heroes collection today!

Captain Action Captain Action detail Captain Action detail

Captain Action

Artist: Ruben Procopio, Masked Avenger Studios

  • Edition Size: 250
  • Unsigned Price: $149.99
  • Signed Price:$159.99
  • US Shipping:$20.00
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Yes! Captain Action, the original super hero action figure and 1960’s toy icon and comic book hero, is Back in Action! And you’ve never seen him so bold and brave as he appears in this striking 14”polystone statue presented by Electric Tiki and Masked Avenger Studios, designed and sculpted by Rubén Procopio. Whether you remember Captain Action from your childhood, or are just learning about the revival of this versatile man of Action, don’t miss out on this highly collectible statue! Extremely limited issue of 250 numbered statues, each featuring his Captain Action knife and gun, stylized hand-numbered base, a certificate of authenticity, along with the medallion belonging to Dr. Eville, Captain Action’s nemesis and villain. Are you ready for Action? Painted and ready for display. Order yours today.

Mandrake Mandrake detail Mandrake detail

Mandrake the Magician

Artist: Ruben Procopio, Masked Avenger Studios

  • Edition Size total both Black/Blue: 250
  • Unsigned Price: $174.99
  • Signed Price:$200.00
  • US Shipping:$20.00
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Abracadabra! Mandrake the Magician has recently arrived in a cloud of smoke to join Electric Tiki's Classic Heroes collection. Ever since Lee Falk brought this crime-fighting magic man to life in the comic strip pages in 1934, Mandrake has been using his special talents to hypnotize gangsters and crooks, creating a carefully concocted illusion to dissuade these villains from their evil deeds. In his dashing eveningwear tails and top hat, Mandrake cuts quite the memorable, dashing figure!

Designer and sculptor Rubén Procopio really pulled a rabbit out of his hat for this one, capturing in exquisite detail the delicious moment where Mandrake uses his piercing gaze and outstretched arms, one hand wielding his diamond-tipped cane, to instantly hypnotize the villain. Perched on an art deco style base in the shape of Mandrake's home, Xanadu, and sporting a nameplate which evokes hypnotic rays, this three-dimensional 14" tall sculptural rendering practically leaps from the comic strip pages in 1:6 scale. Hand cast high quality polystone, exactingly hand painted, individually numbered total edition of 250, available in black and a limited edition blue variant . Color box features quote from premiere Mandrake artist Fred Fredericks. Painted and ready for display. Better buy it before you stare at it too long, or Mandrake might capture you too!

The Phantom The Phantom book detail The Phantom book detail The Phantom book detail The Phantom book detail The Phantom book detail The Phantom book detail

Phantom Chapbook

Artist: Ruben Procopio, Masked Avenger Studios

  • Unsigned Price: $20.00
  • Signed Price:$30.00
  • Signed with Sketch:$50.00
  • US Shipping:$5.00
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This illustrated chapbook originally accompanied the hardback limited edition of Moonstone Books' 2007 The Phantom Chronicles, an anthology of short stories illustrated by Rubén Procopio.  Now available separately, this chapbook features a nearly comprehensive collection of Rubén's sketches and layouts for the book coupled with revealing, extensive text discussing Rubén's creative and thought processes in illustrating each story.  This is a fascinating and illuminating glimpse inside the sketchbook and idea machine of a world class illustrator and animator, perfect for artists and true fans of The Ghost Who Walks.

Available unsigned, signed and/or with original drawing in interior.  Shown are some sample pages.

Burt Ward bust

Burt Ward bust detail

Burt Ward Bust

Artist: Ruben Procopio, Masked Avenger Studios

  • Price: To Be Announced
  • Available: 2009

Masked Avenger Studios is proud to present #2 in its Really Retro(TM) series of iconic twentieth century actors, Burt Ward! Following on the heels of our very well received Adam West Bust, Rubén's upcoming statue promises to capture Burt Ward in a wonderful moment from the 1960's. Stay tuned for further details and pre-order instructions, coming soon!

Shipping prices are U.S. only.  Please inquire for international shipping.